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Delaney Mathies

Delaney Mathies Headshot Photo

Delaney started dancing at Dance Expressions when she was 10 after several years of competitive gymnastics.  She received fine-tuned training under the direction of Erin Spriggs, Kristin Seefeldt, Whitney Williams, and Katie Johnson, eventually learning the fundamentals of teaching through her years of working as an assistant.  Over the following 7 years, Delaney’s love for dance and teaching grew.  

After finishing high school, Delaney moved to New York to study dance at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. There she continued her training under amazing faculty such as Gentry George  and Laurena Barros. 

In 2021, Delaney continued her dance education at the Theatre Arts Preparatory School in Las Vegas, where she learned from teachers across the country including Don Bellamy, Bonny Story, Mic Thompson, and Tony Coppola.  

Delaney’s passion for teaching brought her back to her home studio after graduating TAPS. Delaney is honored to pass on the instruction she has learned in her travels and from the exceptional staff at Dance Expressions with its students for many years to come. 

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